Creative Direction

with childlike enthusiasm.

About Us

Meet ShortPlay, a Sydney based outfit.

Yes, we make video content, but, the bigger picture is we help brands connect with audiences in creative ways. We do it by getting to the core of your thing and what makes it special, then figuring the best way for your audience to experience it.

Relatable content with just the right amount of personality.

Our Creative Director James McIntosh has 20 years experience in digital design, advertising and video production. James works with a scalable team of producers, shooters, editors, copy writers and designers that he overseas across each project. Which means we know how to make your campaign look good across all platforms.

Why we spring out of bed in the morning?

We help brands connect with their audience and we do it by approaching it with one intention.

Let’s make it fun

We believe that a great video has the power to tell your message and reach a wider audience better than any other medium. We’re passionate about creating content that people give a hoot about. We thrive on working with out-of-the-box thinkers.  Big ideas and big campaigns that inspire. If this sounds like your jam then we’d love to hear from you.