We grew tired

of making forgettable content


Yep, we’ve been guilty of it too.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a lot of forgettable content being produced. Uncreative and uninspiring. It’s a trap that brands have fallen into to keep up with the appetite for online video.

The main offender is the predictable case study video.

A short profile video on real people and their story as a customer.  Hero customer story snuggled alongside product X Y and Z. The customer story has become a real staple for video. Trouble is… well, we’ve all seen it, and we know it’s coming within the first ten seconds of play. Sure there’s plenty of great case study videos out there, but if you’re looking to crack the social media feed we recommend a different approach.

So how is ShortPlay different?

We help brands connect with their audience and we do it by approaching it with one intention.

Let’s make it fun

It’s quite simple really. We start with the audience first. We ask the simple questions.
Will this entertain? Will this excite them?
If your audience isn’t interested in your content, why would you make it?
We believe every single video is an opportunity to inspire, humour and intrigue. Creating connection through video drives understanding and action. Simple.

Who it’s for?

We work with PR outfits and brands to develop creative campaigns. From strategy through to execution. Yes we make video content, but the bigger picture is we help brands connect with audiences in creative ways. We help make memorable campaigns; promotions, events, activations with video at the heart. Integrated creative.