4 ways

to make better videos with simple psychology

Our Approach

Let’s face it; the majority of video content goes largely unseen. A sad fact, millions are spent each year in Australia for content that scrapes views in the low hundreds. Not a great ROI; am I right?

Quite simply, brands all too often miss the simple opportunity to connect with their audience on an emotional level. Creating content that connects doesn’t need to be a stab in the dark.
Here’s a few simple rules to think about for your next campaign.


First impressions count

According to Facebook data, 65% of people that watch the first three seconds of your video will watch it for at least ten more seconds. Holding your audience for that first three seconds before scrolling is where the magic needs to happen.
One of the simplest ways to hook your audience is play the colour game.  By understanding the basics of colour theory, you can capture attention and invoke specific emotions with your video content.


What’s in it for me?

People are hard wired to seek instant gratification, and if your video doesn’t hook them within the first few seconds, they likely won’t stick around much longer. This is where we need to think audience centric. What’s in it for our audience?

Put aside your product/service for a moment and think of the audience first. What can we give them that is of value? Something intriguing, attractive, funny, something aspirational, something that talks directly to your audience.


Romance isn’t dead

Transitioning from first impressions into emotional connection is much like the difference from a one night stand to a love interest that induces giddy butterflies. We need to connect beyond the aesthetic and create a connection that speaks directly to our own identity. We identify qualities in a partner that align with our own beliefs, passions and aspirations. It’s the same story with brands. We are drawn to brands that allow us to feel connected with who they are and what they represent. Understanding how your brand aligns with your audience is key to this courtship.


You gotta pay for eyeballs

Okay, so this is less about emotion and just a sad fact. That whole viral video thing is a dream with branded content. Only the rarest of brand videos cut through and make it into viral stardom. Winding it back into reality you need to spend to reach your audience. Simple.

Why would I choose ShortPlay?

Reason 01

Free Creative Concepts

ShortPlay offers free creative treatments. Which, essentially means we work with you to create a polished concept that fits your brand. Complete with an illustrated concepts to wow your team with.

We want you and your team to be excited about concepts that make a splash. We’re determined to create content that audiences give a hoot about. To make that happen a strong pitch deck is the best place to start.

Reason 02

Human Behaviour

A fun creative concept just isn’t enough to convert your audience into customers. The key lies in understanding how your brand aligns with your audience. What’s the emotional drivers we can use to connect your audience to build brand affinity?

Yep, we unpack those fuzzy feels and match it with a creative concept that drives behaviour.

Reason 03

Killer design skills

Unlike most production companies our background is firmly rooted in design.  Illustrators, motion graphic artists, 3D and designers. For you this means we know how to design content that you’ll love.


How much does a video cost with ShortPlay?

Great question. Most of our projects average around 20k,  we have been known to start at just 5k and going back the other direction our record is just under 150k.

We’re actually quite competitive on pricing because we’re able to pull a team together for your project rather than keeping them on the books year round. Think creative agency level service for a fraction of the price.


Most projects from the point of enquiry through to final delivery is around 6 weeks.

There’s no real rule here, we’ve even managed to do a shoot, edit and delivery all inside of a day with little more than a 24 hours notice.


We work with anyone that has passion running through their veins. Someone who says ‘Hell yes! I want to create content that knocks your socks off!’

Well, there’s that and we also work direct with brands and partner up with some awesome communications agencies.

I’m feeling a bit shy and not quite ready for a chat. Can I just find some more info?

Of course, the best place to start is with the outline doc. Have a look over the questions and fill in what you can. This deck will help you build on your initial ideas for your video and when you’re ready to share we’ll happily chat or communicate over mail if you like.

We get it, this ISO thing with all the group chats can sometimes get old. We look forward to hearing from you.